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Data Engineering Roadmap in 2022 : Study Plan

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Hi learners,

With this study plan, you will know the nitty-gritty behind what goes into the making of a Data Engineer.

Data Engineering involves multidisciplinary knowledge. It involves a lot of areas to be covered. However I have tried to give you clarity on the direction of your journey. This study plan will provide you not only the broad areas to cover, but also to validate what in depth skills are needed in each of the broader areas.

If you don’t know me...I’m Saikat Dutta! I was a GUI based ETL developer for more than 7 years and slowly transitioned myself to a full fledged Azure Data Engineer, for the past 4+ years. So more than a decade of industry experience.

Post 2016, I felt I was getting out of date. Technology was evolving at a much rapid pace. I got left behind as I was not keeping myself up-to-date.

This realization forced me to Pivot and take up an Azure DE role. This also drove me to learn everyday. I took up a lot of 30 days constant learning, 100DaysData challenges etc. Yet, I lost focus and started browsing without any specific goals.

Hence I created a plan for myself, followed the plan rigorously, and kept myself committed by doing Social Learning. In the process I also inspired and mentored many to keep learning themselves.

This plan has personally helped me drastically.

This also saved me time, as I don’t need to open 10s of browser tabs just to find what to learn and from where and then get distracted.

I always missed having a mentor early in my career.

So, I aim to mentor any one willing to learn and grow.

My aim is to ensure that no juniors or students ever feel lost while starting their career.

I aim to provide a clear roadmap to everyone I can.

My purpose is to help people achieve the career they deserve and to be excited about it.

I hope you enjoy and stick to the plan. I hope this helps you stay focused and believe in your goals.

I’d love to hear from you once you finish it. Go on, crush it!

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Last updated Jul 28, 2023

A clear study plan for learning Data Engineering in 2022

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Data Engineering Roadmap in 2022 : Study Plan

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