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Data Engineering Beyond Hype: Important Update

You might be wondering why have you not seen a recent post on this course for some time.

This is not an excuse post.

But this is to update you on what's happening and why is a delay.

Finally, I made a move:

After working for 11+ years in my first company I made a move.

I was not getting quality work, the pay was not as per industry standards, and I was getting stagnated.

Hence, here's what I did to move out:

  1. Learned daily for the last 1 year.
  2. Built my personal brand on LinkedIn.
  3. Created proof of work and shared on medium.

I also wrote about how to continuously keep learning and staying relevant here.

Hit me a dm on LinkedIn if you are also planning a career move.

Now, I won't like to brag but due to the efforts, I got a 100% hike over my existing CTC, which is rare for people with 10+ years exp but achievable nowadays.

Starting a new Job is always a bit nerve-wracking

I know then gen Z is super cool with switching jobs, but for millennials like us, its still a drag.

I also felt a little nervous and anxious on having to recreate my brand in the new workplace.

Hence it took a little time away and I was not able to focus on creating the content for this course.

It's also the time for festivities in India.

I wanted to enjoy the festivities of Durga Puja, Diwali etc. with family and friends.

Hence I took a break both from LinkedIn and Medium

This is also a major reason, you haven't received the email course lately.

It will be back soon

I am working on some more interesting concepts and trying to curate the next episode.

I can promise you will receive another episode of these fundamental concepts in the next couple of weeks.

So, please stay tuned for the next episode and enjoy the festivities in the meantime.


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Nice to see you again

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Saikat DuttaCreator

Thanks, That means a lot.

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Hi Saikat, Hearty Congratulations! Best wishes for your new role. Keep doing the qualitative work.!

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Saikat DuttaCreator

Thanks Ed, really appreciate it.

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Many Congratulations !!! really nice to hear about your success, glad you thought to share with us :)

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Saikat DuttaCreator

Thanks Sushanta. I am not only happy to write to you all about my success, I would love to hear back from all of you.

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